historical archive

Historical Archive

In 1942 Vresso Company entered the food service Industry by building custom, hand made refrigerators and freezers. Each item was built by a small team in a warehouse outside Beirut. As the company began to expand throughout the 1950's and 1960's Vresso was not limited to building refrigerators, moreover the company entered the market by importing food service equipment. With brand names included from the U.S to Europe clients could find a complete line of equipment for their food service needs. In 1978 Laundry equipment was added to our operations. Even throughout the rough times of the 1980’s and early 90’s the company kept selling equipment and the factory did not stop in its construction of high quality stainless steel fabrication items in Lebanon and the surrounding area. Today the beginnings of this company remain very important to us, we remain dedicated to stainless steel fabrication items such as cupboards, sinks, shelves tables and more using NSF approved components.

In this historical archive we would like to show you some age old pictures that have stayed with us here at Vresso. Also here you will find the voyage of our company logo with time.


Evolution of the Vresso Logo:
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